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Journal on Legal and Economic Issues of Central Europe

The Journal on Legal and Economic Issues of Central Europe focuses especially on comparative studies of law in the countries that comprise Central Europe.


One of its main goals is to make foreign readers better acquainted with the basic legal principles and systems of the countries of Central Europe.


Furthermore, the Journal on Legal and Economic Issues of Central Europe examines all kinds of economic issues from and various points of view.

Publishing of the Journal was discontinued in 2015


ISSN: 2043-085X

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Volume VI.

Issue 2           December 2015 

Contributors - selected list

Enno Oidermaa: Reorganisation in Estonian Insolvency Proceedings in Comparison to other Countries

Tamás Prugberger, Márton Leó Zaccaria: The Theoretical Basis and Content of the Non­competition Agreement with Special Attention to the Compensation in Hungarian Labour Law System

Peter Sipka: The New Challenges of Labour Disputes in Connection with Grievance Fee

György Nádas: Conceptional Questions about the Collective Agreement as the Legal Source Capable of Influencing the System of Legal Consequences in Hungarian Labour Law

Henriett Rab: A Review of Special Court Jurisdiction in Public Service from a HR aspect

Kirill Tomashevski, Elena Volk: Individual and Collective Labour Relations during Business Transition in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia: Comparison and Ways of Harmonisation of the Legislation

Bernadett Veszpremi: The Evolution of E-administration in Hungary

Aneta Oniszczuk – Jastrząbek, Tomasz Czuba, Monika Kowalska: Legal Regulations and the Market of Insurance Services in the SME Sector in 2014–2015, as Exemplified by Poland

Jean-Enrico Joseph: Could International Law and International Human Rights Outlaw Warfaring?

Volume VI.

Issue 1           June 2015 

Contributors - selected list

David Ramiro Troitino: The First European Community, the European Steel and Coal Community

Draško M. Bosanac: Theoretical and Legal Concepts of Additional Work in Serbia

Petkó Mihály: Theoretical Foundations of the Hungarian Copyright and Industrial Property rights

Henriet Rab, Márton Leó Zaccaria: The Interpretation of the 17/2004. (V. 30.) Resolution of the Hungarian Constitutional Court Referring to the Labour Market Tendencies Influencing the Current Development of Labour Law

Zoltán Imre Nagy: The Position of Agriculture in Hungary since the Political Regime Transformation (1990), with Special Regard to Outstanding Debts

Ottó Csaba: Risk Management in the Hungarian Grain Trading Sector – the Risk Diagrams

Vera Zelenović, Nenad Vunjak, Vera Mirović: Defining the Difference between Ethical and Unethical Banks - Case of Serbia

Jaroslava Vítová: Status of Municipalities in the Issues Related to Elderly Care in the Czech Republic

Volume V.

Issue 2           December 2014 

Contributors - selected list

Adina Ciciovan: The New Shift to ‘Business Common Sense’: Does it Fulfil the Reasonable Expectations of English Commercial Men?

David Ramiro Troitino: The Single European Act – the Creation of the Interior Market in Europe

Małgorzata Zielenkiewicz: The Advancement of Central and Eastern European Countries in Transformation Process – Cluster Analysis on the Basis of the Bertelsmann’s Transformation Index

Anna Blajer-Gołębiewska: The Importance of Corporate Reputation for Investors in the Banking Sector in Poland

Sándor Madai: About Regulation of Crimes against Property in Hungary

Akos Cserny: The Change of Public Law in Central-Eastern European States

Henriett Rab, Peter Sipka: Are Social Rights Obstacles to Flexibility?

Krisztián Szabó: Pre-trial Detention during the Investigatory Phase in Hungary

Márton Leó Zaccaria: Conceptual Changes Concerning Working Time in Hungarian Labour Law

Tamas Prugberger, Andrea Szollos: An Extremely Significant Doctor of Academy Thesis on the Sustainability Affecting our Universe (Globe) and our Living Environment and the Legal Aspects of the Interpretation of Sustainability

Dalia Perkumiene, Rasa Šemiotiene: Peculiarities of the Legal Status of People with Disabilities in Lithuania

Rita Matulionyte: Cultural Heritage and Public Interest versus Private Rights: a Struggle for a Balanced Approach in Lithuania

Simonas Nikartas: Public Interest According to Lithuanian Population: Awareness and Involvement in its Protection

Milda Burnyte: Pertinence of Liberalism – Communitarianism Dispute in Defining the Public Interest

Bernadett Veszprémi: The Most Significant Changes Affecting the Administrative Work of Hungarian Local Authorities

Zoltán Imre Nagy, Éva Bába Ms Bács: Organisational Changes of Professional Football Companies

Eva Kebrlová, Johan Schweigl: National and International Aspects of Protection of Cultural Heritage in the Czech Republic

Volume V.

Issue 1           June 2014 

Contributors - selected list

David Ramiro Troitino: Social Policies in Western Europe Compared with USA. Examples for Central and East Europe Social Development

Ingrida Mačernyte Panomarioviene, Vida Petrylaite: Adequacy of Labour Law and Social Policy Instruments Aimed to Increase Youth Employment in Lithuania

Dalia Perkumiene: Church and State Requirements for a Valid Marriage Conclusion in the Republic of Lithuania

Draško M. Bosanac: Work Contracts without Employment in the Republic of Serbia (through Comparison of the Previous and Current Legislature)

Blerton Sinani: The Legal Position of International Treaties in the Constitutional Order of the Republic of Macedonia with a Special Focus on European Convention on Human Rights

Márton Leó Zaccaria: The Basic Questions of Equal Treatment in EU Labour Law

Gabriella Csűrös: “Sink or Swim? Or Buy a Lifebelt?” Economic Governance in the EU

György Nádas: The Current Changes of Regulation of Liability for Damages in Hungary

Zoltán Imre Nagy, Viktor Való: Specialties of the Hungarian Labor Law (Case Study)

Henriett Rab: Changes in the Fundamental Rights Aspects of the New Hungarian Fundamental Law in the Light of the Retirement Pension System

Noémi Bíró: The Significance and State of Labour Market Services in Employment Policy

Małgorzata Król: Generic Structure of Employment in small and medium-sized Enterprises in Silesia

Joanna Kudełko: The New Model of the European Cohesion Policy and its Implications for Regional Development in Poland

Dariusz Żmija: The Analysis of Poverty or Social Exclusion in Poland as Compared to the European Union

Patrycja Brańka, Monika Musiał-Malagó, Piotr Serafin: Differentiated Level of Development of Internal Structures in Metropolitan Areas in Poland

Dyanko Minchev: The Modern Stage in the History of Economic Development

František Klimus, Zdeněk Krejčí, Ivan Fazekaš, Magdaléna Krajníková: Human Scent and Time Limit of its Retention on Physical Evidence – Method of Scent Identification

Jaroslav Padrnos: Youth Crime in the Czech Republic

Ľubomír Kubínyi: Further Training of Soldiers

Ivo Svoboda: Efficiency in Education of Members of Public Administration of the Czech Republic

Vladimíra Nováková, Václav Liška: The Declaration on Science and the Use of Scientific Knowledge for Lecturers

Volume IV.

Issue 2           December 2013 

Contributors - selected list

Adina Maria Ciciovan: The Companies Act 2006: The Duties of Directors, Conflicts of Interest and the Recurrent Problem of Nominee and Multiple Directors

Tamás Fézer: Changes of Civil Liability in Europe

Tamas Prugberger, Andrea Szollos: The New Labour Code in the Mirror of the Regulations of The European Union and the Member States

Márton Leó Zaccaria: The Interpretation of the Principle Equal Pay for Equal Work in the Practice of the Equal Treatment Authority in Hungary

Audrius Bitinas: French Social Insurance System: from Uniformity to Complexity

Aleksey P. Anisimov, Anatoliy Y. Ryzhenkov: New Concept of Specially Protected Nature Territories in Russia in the Context of Targets of the Development of Ecological Tourism

Kirill Tomashevski: Legal Issues of Workers’ Representation in the Republic of Belarus

Małgorzata Król: Flexible Employment in Poland

Anna Golejewska: Input-Output Analysis of Regional Innovativeness. The Case of The Visegrad Group

Cyryl Kotyla: Intangible Assets in Polish Accountancy and Tax Law – Similarities, Differences and their Consequences

Jacek Pera: The Concept of a Banking Union – Risks and Opportunities for the Banking Sector in Poland. Risk Evaluation and Recommendations

Jaroslaw Marcin Szewczyk: Forfaiting as a Method for Financing Public-Private Partnership Projects in Poland

Libor Kirsch, Jaroslav Padrnos, Ivo Svoboda: Serious Challenge of Security Strategy in the Czech Republic. Conceptual Preparation of youth for Emergency

Ingrida Mačernyte Panomarioviene: Length of Service (Experience) and its Impact on youth Employment in Lithuania

Egidijus Krivka: Public Interest in the Matters of the Restitution of Property Rights in the Lithuanian Case Law

David Ramiro Troitino: Energy Policy in the EU and its Influence on East and Central Europe

Olga Dębicka, Aneta Oniszczuk-Jastrząbek: Corporate Social Responsibility and Legal Regulations in Poland

Joanna Duda: Development Potential of Polish SMEs – Problems and Barriers

Małgorzata Zielenkiewicz: Changings of Social Welfare in Old and New Member Countries of the European Union

Dariusz Żmija: The Characterisation of Unemployment in Poland

Nikolett Zoványi: Liability of Airlines in the European Union

Zsuzsa Gyöngyvér Kovács: Involuntary Treatment in a Mental Institution in Hungary

Bořivoj Marek: George of Poděbrady and the Compacts of Basle – a Contribution to the Colloquium George of Poděbrady – a Pragmatist and/or a Seer

Jan Gazda: Medicine Men & Men on a Hot Tin Roof

Volume IV.

Issue 1           June 2013 

Contributors - selected list

Dragan M. Mitrović, Gordana Vukadinović: The Idealistic Concept of the Law: In the Light of the Relationship between the Natural Law and the Positive Law

Zia Akhtar: The Evolution from Communism: A comparison with China of the European Countries which Have Emerged from the Rule of a One Party state

Márton Leó Zaccaria: New Dogmatical Approach to the Labour Law Principles in the Hungarian Law

László Pribula: The Regulatory Problems of the Press Correction

Radka MacGregor Pelikánová, Miroslav Paclík: European Integration Odyssey – the Ship Sails on … but Where?

Alexey Anisimov, Alexander Melikhov: The “Property of Nations” as a New Category of Constitutional Law in the Post-Soviet Area

Elena Kozina: Labor without Qualities: Problems and Solutions

Volume III.

Issue 3           December 2012 

Contributors - selected list

Enno Oidermaa: Comparative Analysis of German and Estonia Planning Law Main Features

Dalia Perkumiene: Spouses’ Rights and Duties of the Engagement to Marry According to Civil and Catholic Church Law in Lithuania

Péter Sipka, Márton Leó Zaccaria: The Role of Telework in Modern Labour Law with Special Attention to the Hungarian Law

Róbert Sándor Szűcs, Éva Dávid: Product Placement in Hungary

Márton Leó Zaccaria: New Developments in the Practice of the Court of Justice of the European Union in the Field of Labour Equality

Judit Zákány: Current Questions and Possible Answers Concerning the Professional Liability Insurance of Healthcare Service Providers in Hungary

Zsuzsanna Banász: A Consumer Surplus Based Estimate of Hungarian Households’ Willingness-to-Pay for a Solar Cell

Aneta Oniszczuk-Jastrząbek: Sustainable Marketing as the Element of Corporate Social Responsibility on the Example of Poland

Andrzej Paliński: The Liquidation Value and Bank Loan Valuation – Evidence from Polish Corporations

Dyanko Minchev: Revival of Political Economy Needed

Vladimir S. Belykh: The Concept and Suggested Structure of the Code on Entrepreneurship in the Russian Federation

Volume III.

Issue 2           October 2012 

Contributors - selected list

Tomas Bagdanskis: Problems of Flexible Work Forms in Lithuania

Adina M. Ciciovan: Key Issues in Sentencing in England and Cyprus

Sonja Cindori, Nenad Rancić, Ozren Pilipović: Money Laundering - Consequential Nature of Suspicious Transactions

Cvjetana Cvjetković, Luka Baturan: Establishing the Tradable Permit System for Emitting Greenhouse Gases in Western Balkan Countries

Vera Zelenović, Dragan Lukac, Nenad Vunjak: Organising PR Activities in Banks-Examples in Serbia

Paweł Kawa: Institutional Reforms in Financial Markets in Response to the Economic Crisis

Renata Papież: The Need for Revision of J-Recommendation as a Premise of Stability in Polish Mortgage Market

Róbert Sándor Szűcs: Regulation of “Unhealthy Food” Advertisements According to Health-Care Workers

Márta Spilákné Kertész: The Operation of Mortgage Bonds at the Budapest Stock Exchange between 2001 and 2010

Zoltán Imre Nagy: Effective Legal Forms in the Professional Football

Ingrid Matousková: Manager, Authority versus Morality (Notes on Authority)

Jan Gazda: One-Trick Pony & Subprime

Volume III.

Issue 1           June 2012 

Contributors - selected list

Dragan M. Mitrović: Money Virtual Reality and Virtual Subjects of Law

Jonathan G. Ziegler: Space Law and Orbital Debris: Whose Junk is That?!!

Audrius Bitinas: Problems of the New Pension and Social Security Reform Concept in Lithuania Implementing European and International Strategies

Dalia Perkumiene: Dissolution of Marriage and Problems of Recognition in Lithuania

Vladimir S. Belykh: On the Notion of Economic Law

Oleksandr Golovkin: The System and Legal Status of Control Bodies in the Field of Environment Protection in Ukraine

István Hoffman: Before a Change of Models in the Executive System of Hungarian Local Self-Governments – with an International Outlook

Márton Leó Zaccaria: Explanation of the Principle of Equal Treatment in the Practice of the Hungarian Constitutional Court with Special Respect to the World of Labour

Zoltán Imre Nagy: Management and Financing of Professional Football Clubs

Bohumil Fiser: The End of Politics, or the Clash of Civilizations

Zdenek Koudelka: Recognition of State and Government by the Czech Republic

Radka MacGregor Pelikánová: New Top Level Domains – Pending Success or Disaster?

Ivo Svoboda: The Issue of Climate Characteristics of Classes and Schools with Regard to the Optimization

Jitka Slováková: Development of the Road Accidents in the European Union Ludmila Navrátilová, Martina Rasticová, Libor Nemecek: Hofstede Cultural Dimensions in a Czech Retail Chain

Ludmila Navrátilová, Martina Rasticová, Libor Nemecek: Hofstede Cultural Dimensions in a Czech Retail Chain

Júlia Ondrová: Interpretation of the Constitution and Constitutional Acts Presented by the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic

Aneta Oniszczuk-Jastrząbek: The Influence of the Client on the Service Quality of the Polish Seaports

Julia Koralun-Bereźnicka: Capital Structure Interpretation and Measuring Dilemmas in the Polish Context

Joanna Kudełko: European Regions in the Light of Global Challenges

Jan Gazda: Tunnel of Greed & Con Man

Volume II.

Issue 4           December 2011 

Contributors - selected list

Vera Zelenović, Dragan Lukač: Money Laundering – the Experience of Europe with Regard to Serbia

Paweł Kawa: Anti-Crisis Measures and Their Consequences for Long-Term Economic Growth in Emerging Markets

Aneta Oniszczuk-Jastrząbek: The Policy of the State to Support Entrepreneurship in Poland

Katalin Végh: Possibilites for Green Public Procurement in Hungary

Cvjetana Cvjetković, Jovana Đuričić: Single Rate vs Multiple Rates of Value Added Tax

Antonio Silva Sanchez, Dalia Perkumiene, Wenliang Zhang: Legal Features of the Land and Other Real Property Intestate Succession in Lithuania and in International Private Law

Tomas Bagdanskis, Ester Fodorová: Termination of Employment Contracts in Lithuania and Slovakia

Małgorzata Grego: Legal Succession and Continuation of Rights Arising from Administrative Decisions in Case of Transformation of a Company or Partnership

Beata Jolanta Ruszkiewicz: Good Faith in the Light of Acquisitive Prescription of Real Estates in Polish Civil Law

Peter Sipka: Thoughts on the Regulation of Liability for Damages of the Employer on the Basis of the New Conception of Labour Code in Hungary

Bernadett Veszpremi: Regulation of Civil Service and Disciplinary Responsibility in Europe

Volume II.

Issue 3           October 2011 

Contributors - selected list

Dragos Păun: International Fiscal Competition in Central and Eastern Europe

Márton Leó Zaccaria: The Labour Law Regulations and the Constitutional Basis of the Gender Equal Opportunities in Hungarian Law

Cecília Karner: The Past and the Present of Hospitals in Hungary

Vaidotas Matutis: Investment Planning

Tomáš Meluzín, Václav Liška: Comparison of Theoretical and Practical Approaches to Corporate Financing through the IPO in the Cee Region

István Hoffman: Behind the (EU) Scenes: The Role of the Local Self-Governments in the Waste Management Public Services

Grzegorz Bucior: Budget Management Modernisation of Local Government in Poland

Dalia Perkumiene, Violeta Tamašauskiene: Peculiarities of Spouses Property Relations Regulation in Lithuania

Julia Koralun-Bereźnicka: Cross-Industry and Cross-Size Analysis of Corporate Structure versus Profitability – Empirical Evidence from Poland

Tibor Pupos, Tünde Kis-Simon, Arnold Gór, Ildikó Ábel, Zoltán Kovács: The Diagnosis of the Working Capital

Róbert Sándor Szűcs: Fat Tax in Hungary

Katarzyna Tarnawska, Janusz Rosiek: The CEECs and the Eu Lead Market Initiative. A Chance or a Missed Idea?

Volume II.

Issue 2           August 2011 

Contributors - selected list

Audrius Bitinas: Lithuanian Pension System Reforms: Development, Changes and Tendency

Zoltán Imre Nagy: The Economic and Psychological Contexts of the Tax Evasion on Hungary‘s Example

Joanna Kudełko: The Meaning of European Cohesion Policy for Regional Development in Poland

Ants Kukrus, Karin Jaagu: Economic and Legal Aspects of Remote Gambling Regulationa

Peter Mihályi: The Legal and Economic Problems of Defining the Basic Benefit Package in Health Care

Ivo Svoboda: The Specifics of the Investigation of Manifestation of Political Extremism from the Perspective of Expert Witness

Dragan M. Mitrović: Chaos Theory and Legal Theory: Modeling and Computing in Law

Jana Škerliková: A Comparative Analysis of the Legal Aspects of the Euro chageover in Malta and Slovakia

Voislav Stojanovski: Voluntary Surgical Castration of Sex Offenders and its Legality: The Case of the Czech Republic

Volume II.

Issue 1               May 2011 

Contributors - selected list

Maria Inmaculada de Potestad, Vladimiras Gražulis:  The Main Causes of the Divorces in Spain and Lithuania and their Consequences in the Society (1992 – 2009 Comparative Analysis)

Radka MacGregor Pelikánová: Privacy of E-mail Correspondence of Employees in the Czech Republic

Miloslav Kala: Corruption

Jan Gazda: Historia Magistra

Lenka Brown, Jan Čadil: Corruption Crowding out Effect

Vladimíra Nováková, Kamila Sluková: Science, Research, Education – Key Elements of the Economic Development

Radovan Dávid: Exclusive Contentions in the Czech Republic

Marie Poláčková: “Concerned Authorities” and their Role in Environmental Protection

Zdeněk Koudelka: Golden Calf of Constitutionality

Volume I.

Issue 2     December 2010 

Contributors - selected list

Zdenek Koudelka: Abolition of Constitutional Statute by the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic

Marek Fryšták: Evidence in Czech Criminal Proceedings

Jaromír Harvánek, Jan Stejskal: State Changes and Law in Media

Radka MacGregor Pelikánová: Arbitrators from Quasi-permanent Arbitration Courts in the Czech Republic

Tereza Erényi: Dismissal of Employees under Czech Law

Václav Liška, Jan Gazda: The New Recession Path of VL Type

Daniel Macek, Dana Měšťanová: Life Cycle Costs of Bridges

Jaromír Tauchen: A Couple of Notes Regarding a Controversial Finding by the Czech Constitutional Court (Case Melčák)

Vladimíra Nováková, Kamila Sluková: Science, Research, Education – Key Elements of the Economic Development

Natalia Reznichenko, Jan Ostřížek: PPP Projects in Russia and Czech Republic Obstacles and Limitations of Their Realization

Kamila Bubelová: Modern Features of Usufruct

Karel Schelle: Peace Negotiations Ninety Years Ago

Volume I.

Issue 1               May 2010 

Contributors - selected list

Zdeněk Koudelka: Judicial control of the acts of the President in the Czech Republic


Jan Hejda: Private law reformation in the Czech Republic


Radka MacGregor Pelikánová: Intellectual property rights and their enforcement in the Czech Republic


Ivona Ondelj: Croatian Context of the Right of Establishment


Milan Jančo: On the Long Road towards a European Civil Code


Nina Bachroňová: Ombudsman and Principles of Good Administration – Czech and European Perspective


Olga Sapoznikov: A Treatise on the Extent of the Legal Concept of an Animal

Karel Schelle: Tradition of the Czech Constitutional System

Jaromír Tauchen: Local Referendum in the Czech Republic – History and Present Days


Jiří Myšík: Production & Operations Management Strategy of the Company