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The aim of the journal is to render the publication of scientific and technical work for the target group of university teachers and researchers, experts in law, management, economics and make room for an intensive exchange of information and ideas.


The journal provides opportunity for presenting the latest expertise, research results and knowledge base to extend the rights of management and economics.


Publishing of the Journal was discontinued in 2015


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Volume V.

Issue 2    December 2015 

Contributors - selected list

Scientific Papers

Eva Balážová, Denisa Hanáčková, Michal Cifranič: Public Administration Reform ESO in the Slovak Republic

Ľubica Feriancová, Viera Petrášová: Green Infrastructure as a Strategy of Modern Slovak Village

Bogusław Ślusarczyk, Katarzyna Szara: Creative Capital as a Determinant of Competitiveness

Academic Papers

Barbora Drugdová: Towards the Problems of Insurance and Insurance of Non-life and International Risks in the Slovak Republic

Eva Finďová: Formal and Material Terms of Law Validity

Gabiela Gabrhelová, Daniela Hilčíková, Monika Dohnanská: Stress Analysis in the Process of University Quality Management

Zuzana Horváthová: Welfare Systems in the European Union

Zuzana Horváthová: Development of Social Security in the Czech Republic in the Context of Current International Treaties

Gabriel Kuczman: Landscape Architecture of Rural Settlements in the Region of Nitra

Jaroslav Oberuč, Ladislav Zapletal, Dáša Porubčanová: Possible Trends of the Development of University Education

Volume V.

Issue 1    July 2015 

Contributors - selected list

Scientific Papers

Viktória Ali Taha: Employee Engagement in Slovak Health Sector

Katarína Belanová: Evaluation of Gross Fixed Capital Formation Development in the SR

Milan Fiľa, Jozef Kučera: Support of the State in Implementation of Innovations in Enterprise Sector in the Slovak Republic

Marcela Korenková: Analysis of educational system in selected businesses in Slovakia

Jana Kušnírová: Corporate Income Tax and its Status in the Tax System of the Slovak Republic

Paweł Dziekański: Government financial condition as the factor stimulating the level of development (2008–2012)

Marcela Rabatinová: Impact of the crisis on the household consumption trends in Slovakia

Anna Schultzová: Minimum tax of the corporate

Juraj Válek: Environmental Taxes Applied within the EU

Academic Papers

Mária Bohrnová: Mobbing – Abuse of Position within a Hierarchy in Employment Law Relationships and within the Police Service

A. Fedotov: Place of Central of Executive Power in the System to Counter Terrorism in Ukraine

Mojmír Mamojka Jr.: The Legal Regulation of Restrictions on the Promotion of Gambling Games in Central Europe

Michał Adam Leśniewski: Management of Competitiveness in the Aspect of Soft Competitiveness of Companies

Jana Orlická: Creative and cultural industry as a part of the cultural politics and the economical development of society

Jaroslav Slepecký, Martin Mašľan: Theoretical Basis of Disaster Economics

Sopilnyk Rostyslav: The Feature of the Judicial System Throughout the Existence of the European Union

Miroslava Tóthová: Basic Stages in the Development of a Modern State in the Circumstances of the Kingdom of Hungary

R. Zajats: The System of Legal Regulation of Research Institutions in the Independent Ukraine

Volume IV.

Issue 2    December 2014 

Contributors - selected list

Scientific Papers

Jaroslav Adamkovič, Alexander Tokarčík: Increasing Energy Efficiency of Artificial Lighting in Process Management

Marian Ambrozy, Viera Mokrišová: Chosen Relations between Ecology and Tax Politics in Slovak Republic

Oľga Bočáková, Darina Kubíčková: Social Aspects of Globalization

Adriana Horníková: Elections Went Right!

Sherif Shehata, Igor Kosír, Peter Smeriga: An Analysis of the Turkish Foreign Policy towards; and Following the Arab Spring

Sherif Shehata, Igor Kosír: The Main Features of Egypt’s Foreign Policy in its current Phase: Egypt Under Sisi

Peter Kuzmišin: Approaches to the Analysis of the Business Environment in the Context of the Quality and its Relevance to the Performance and Prosperity of the Company

Anton Lisnik: The Minimum Wage as a Means of Employment Protection in the Region of the Low-income Population

Jaroslav Oberuč, Daniel Lajčin, Dáša Porubčanová: Stress Management in the Workplace

Miroslava Profantová: Globalized World - Place for All?

Zuzana Slušná: Current Trends in Improving the Cultural Life in Slovakia

Sopilnyk Rostyslav: Role of the Court of Justice of the European Union and National Judicial Organs in the Development of the EU Legal System

Janka Táborecká-Petrovičová, Jaroslav Ďaďo, Simona Ježíková: Perceptual Mapping in Positioning of Beer Brands

Klaudia Kurajdová, Janka Táborecká-Petrovičová: Influence of Age and Family Life Cycle on the Purchase of Clothing among Women

Academic Papers

Beáta Benczeová: Globalization and Cultural Identity in the Perspective of Slovak Cultural Studies

Zuzana Husárová: Status and Functions of the State at the Beginning of the 21st Century

Róbert Jáger: Development of Terminology Indicating the Legal Status of the Lowest Class of Population on the Territory of Slovakia During the Middle Ages

Mykytyuk Mikola Andrejovic: Aspects of Legislative Regulation of Circulation of the Special Facilities

Barbora Vegrichtová: Propaganda Tools and Topics of Extremism – Research Project Outputs

Volume IV.

Issue 1    September 2014 

Contributors - selected list

Scientific Paper

Paweł Dziekański, Antoni Olak: Environmental Assessment of the Region – Synthetic Measurement

Zbigniew Grzywna: Safety on Roads in Agglomeration with Reference to the European Union’s Directives

Milan Jonis, Ivan Fazekáš: The Inspection Service of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic – a Peculiar Internal-Safety Body Designated for Combating Crime of Members of the Police Force

Jana Jurková: Specific Communication Mix of Universities in Context of Candidates Requirements

Antoni Olak: National Security – Selected Issues Terminological

Jaroslav Padrnos: Philosophical Principle of Legal Basis of the State Defence

Viera Petrášová, Jana Beresecká: Garden Architecture as an Opportunity for Rural Employment Enhancement

Juraj Sipko: Competitiveness in the European Union

Martin Skaloš: Commercial and Economic Law in the Historical Context of Czecho-Slovakia

Bogusław Ślusarczyk, Anna Wolak-Tuzimek: Corporate Social Responsibility as a New Trend in Enterprise Management

Academic Papers

Klaudia Baňáková: Judge Made Law in Slovak Republic

Paweł Dziekański, Antoni Olak: Infrastructure as a Part of the Intensification of the Processes of Regional Development (Synthetic Assessment)

Jozef Gabík, Lucia Leflerová: Conditions for Imposition of Life Imprisonment in the Slovak Republic

Dagmar Horváthová: The Impact of Community Centres on Increasing Education of Roma Living in Non-Integrated Roma Communities

Martin Jakubec: Safety and Threats in Urbanized Areas as the Element of Ghettoization

Jaroslav Padrnos: To the Stars Throubled Ways

Oleg Zinoviyovych Pankevych: Anthropological Aspects of Modern Orthodox Concept of Human Rights

Réka Magdolna Kirovné Rácz, Tunde Bonnyai: Preparing and Educational Issues Related to the Hungarian National Environmental Protection Programme and Critical Infrastructure Protection

Karel Schelle: The Organisation of the Public Administration in the Czech State Since 1620

Mari Shikun: Smart Power in the President Obama Administration’s us External Policy During 2009 – 2013

Rostislav Sopilnik: Right to a Fair Trial

Miscellaneous Papers

Larisa Anatolivna Yankovska, Ruslan Mikolajovich Skrynkovskyy, Zhanna Vitalivna Semchuk: The Nature of Conception of National Security of Ukraine

Volume III.

Issue 2    December 2013 

Contributors - selected list

Scientific Paper

Ľubica Černá: Labor-management Relations and Social Dialogue

Barbora Drugdová: The Insurance Market in the Slovak Republic

Monika Gubáňová, Monika Kurňavková: The Importance of Local Community Participation in the Planning Process of Development of the Preseľany Municipality

Marcela Chreneková, Petr Jiříček: The New Funding Strategy of EU Innovation Programmes

Daniela Matušiková, Ivan Uher, Milena Švedová: Sporting Events and Sports Tourism as Important Regional Development Factor (on Example of Slovak Košice City)

Martina Šípková, Tae-Hee Choi: Differences in Ethical Perceptions of SME and Large Companies

Academic Paper

Janka Betáková, Jana Tomanovičová, Ján Dvorský: Public Participation in Public Affairs, as Aspect of the Competitiveness of the Spatial of the Area

Olga Francová, Josef Abrhám, Peter Čajka: Changes in the Coordination of Budgetary Policies at EU Level Made Due to Debt Crisis

Eva Balážová, Denisa Hanáčková: Importance of Human Potential in Decision-making at Local Government Level

Chystokletov Leonti G.: Problematic Issue of Administrative and Legal Security of Business Entities and Ways of its Solutions in Ukraine

Attila Kozák, László Komjáthy: The Operation of the Management System of Fire Brigades During the Performance of the Tasks of Damage Elimination – Part 1.

Attila Kozák, László Komjáthy: The Operation of the Management System of Fire Brigades During the Performance of the Tasks of Damage Elimination – Part 2.

Gabriela Kravčáková: The Importance of Management of Work Motivation in the Context of Regional Development

Dušan Masár: Influence of the Economic Crisis on Labor as the one of Fundamental Production Factors

Jaroslav Oberuč, Gabriela Sláviková: Activation of Personality to Adequate Attitude to Region, he or Lives in is an Integral Part of any Educational Activities

Eva Ružinská, Vladimír Hagara: Implementation of the Current European Legislation on Chemical Substances to Ensure Protection of Environmental Security Policy of the Slovak Republic – I. part: Reach and GHS

Eva Ružinská, Vladimír Hagara: Implementation of the Current European Legislation on Chemical Substances to Ensure Protection of Environmental Security Policy of the Slovak Republic – II. part: Reach and GHS

Vitaly V. Novikov: The Content of Freedom of Conscience and Religious Belief as a Human Right

Volume III.

Issue 1    October 2013 

Contributors - selected list

Scientific Paper

Mária Andrejčíková, Daniela Urblíková: Trends in Foreign Trade between the European Union and Third Countries

Oľga Bočáková: Domestic Violence Against Women

Juraj Cúg, Pavol Kubala: Financial Stability Policy

Milan Fiľa, Veronika Tóthová: Possibility of Using the CSA as an Alternative Farmers’ Business Model In Slovak republic

Petra Gavlaková: Uncertainty and Risk in Valuation

Vladimír Gecelovský: The Status of Romanies in Czechoslovakia Until 1989

Pavol Hrivík: Democracy Deficit in the Delegating and Executing of Implementation Powers within the EU’s Policy-Making

Jana Jurková, Miroslav Sabo: Promotion and its Specifics in Context of Univerzity Education

Peter Juza: Theory of Polyarchy

Eva Kicová, Ladislav Jarina: CPM as a Tool to Improve Enterprise Performance

Katarína Kočišová: Bankurptcy Prediction and Credit Risk

Katarína Kramárová: Real Option Analysis – Theoretical Approach to Equity Valuation

Anna Križanová, Jana Majerová: Modified Version of Grant McCracken’s Model of Meaning Transferand its Application in Branding

Darina Kubíčková: Social Security for Senior Citizens

Peter Kuzmišin, Natalya Kubiniy, Volodymir Kubiniy, Violeta Popovich: Philosophical Signs and Economical Functions of Business – A Factorof National Economy Development

Mária Lusková, Mária Hudáková: Quality Controlling – Monitoring System of Quality Costs in Enterprise

Getnet Tamene, Rudolf Kucharčík: The Nation-State, Globalization and the Future of Global Politics

Marcel Lincényi, Getnet Tamene: The Media as Public Opinion Leader in Influencing and Setting Policy: the case of Slovakia

Getnet Tamene, Marcel Lincényi: Comparative Elections: Ethiopia 2005 and Slovakia 2006

Getnet Tamene: The Role of Geopolitics and Sports in Reshaping Global Politics and Culture

Juraj Tej, Viktória Ali Taha, Michaela Sirková: Insight into the use of Creative Management Techniques and Methodsin Regional Context

Jana Tomanovičová: Changes in Social Security during the Economic Crisis

Alena Tomášiková, Zuzana Kubišová: Model of Effective Leaving and Aftercare Services

Pavel Herzka, Juraj Tomlain: Management of Employees Career

Academic Paper

Martin Jakubec: Medialization

Jana Jurková: European Higher Education Area – Institutional Framework

Nadiia Kalashnyk: The Definition of «Self-Education» in the Context of the Public Service

Eva Kováčová, Darina Wiczmandyová: Reflection needs further training of social workers

Ivana Svitková: The use of Interactive Activ Board for Managerial Activities at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of CTU in Prague

Volume II.

Issue 2    December 2012 

Contributors - selected list

Milos Birtus, Erika Spuchľáková: Infrastructure of the Venture Capital

Stefan Cisko, Milan Vasanic: Development of Derivatives

Juraj Cúg, Pavol Kubala: The Application of Neural Networks in Corporate Governance

Veronika Frnková: Criteria for Selection of Methods for Evaluationof Effectiveness of Investment Projects

Ladislav Halada, Jan Glasa, Lukas Valasek, Peter Weisenpacher: The Use of Fire Dynamics Simulator for Modelling Firesin Human Structures

Jana Jurková: Marketing and Consumer’s Behaviour in Context of University Education

Rastislav Kazanský: The Security Policy - Cooperation of Actors

Tomás Kliestik, Petra Solárová: Companies Multicriterial Benchmark on the Basis of the Indicatorsof the Financial Analysis

Tomás Kliestik, Daniel Zilovec: Corporate Metrics and Risk

Marcela Korenková: Approaches of Managers to the Solving the Conflicts at the Place of Work

Andrea Majlingová, Zuzana Verbovská, Mikulás Monosi: Analysis of Presov Town Related to the Potential Hazard and its Impact

Stefan Markulik, Marek Solc, Lukás Kamenický: Business Continuity Planning in Crisis Situations

Mikulás Monosi, Jozef Svetlík: Fires of Personal Cars in Underground Car Parks and Precautions for Loss Elimination

Vladimír Mózer, Anton Osvald: Recommended Features of Documentation for Fire-Engineered Design Submissions

Jaroslav Oberuc, Gabriela Sláviková: Human Resources Management is the Key for the Achievement of the Basic Conditions for the Successful Organization Operation

Lukás Pavelek: Networking in the Health Center of Trnava

Jana Pesoutová: Selected Aspects of International Legal Assistance

Karel Schelle, Ilona Schelleová: Czech Insolvency Law after Updating

Erika Spuchľáková, Milos Birtus: Fuzzy Logic Control in Finance

Katarina Strbac, Milovan Subotić, Branislav Milosavljević: Extremist Trends in the Western Balkans and the Republic of Serbia

Juraj Tomlain: Factors Related to Marketing Strategies of Enterprises in the Czech Republic

Ivana Turekova, Zuzana Turnova, Jozef Harangozo: Autonomous Alert and Warning Systems of Population

Ivan Uher, Milena Pullmannová Svedová: Listening and Perception of Others

Katarína Valásková: Basic Concept of Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Sets and Their Practical Application

Milan Vasanic, Stefan Cisko: Prediction of a the Tisk of the Businesses Using Logistic Regression

Milan Vosta, Josef Abrhám: Clusters as Instruments of Regional Competitiveness in the Czech Republic

Volume II.

Issue 1    August 2012 

Contributors - selected list

Mária Kadlecíková, Zuzana Kapsdorferová: The Impact of Food Price Volatility and Global Economic Crisis on Development of Agrifood Sector in Eastern Europe and Central Asian Countries

Tomás Kliestik, Daniel Zilovec: Simulation as a Decision-making Tool in Corporate and Financial Environments

Maya Lambovska, Ognyan Simeonov, Jaroslav Slepecký: Evaluation of Structural Stability of the Organization in Respect to Threats

Daniel Buc: CorporateMetrics and Value at Risk as Effective Methods for Risk Measuring in the Corporate and Financial Environments

Richard Budzák: Seal of Confession in Czech Criminal Law

Peter Cajka, Josef Abrhám: Economic Growth and Convergent Processes within the Framework of the European Union

Jana Dzurnáková, Ivan Pesout: The European Union in the 21st Century: Economic Crisis – Internal Integrity in Danger?

Veronika Frnková: Expression of Risk in Methods for Evaluation of Effectiveness of Investment Based on CF

Vladimír Gecelovský: Criminal Law Jurisdiction of National Committees in Terms of “Punishment“ of Romanies in the Former Czechoslovakia

Barbara Hlavnová, Izabela Pristásová, Lukás Vinc: Review of Water Management in the Area of Dolný Zemplín

Miloslav Hoschek: The Liquidity Trap Solution Based on Negative Interest Rates

Daniela Hrehová, Peter Kamenec: Employee Motivation is a Constant Challenge

Alica Kalasová, Zuzana Krchová: Analysis of Accident Rate in Slovakia

Katarína Kramárová: Basic Concept of Cluster Analysis

Katarína Lehutová, Elena Gregová: Impact of Economic Recession on the Consumer Behaviour

Ewa Matuska, Joanna Grubicka: Psychological Security of e-Consumer

Viera Papcunová, Ivana Gecíková: The Criteria Influencing Local Inhabitants in Self-government Management Elections

Lukás Pavelek: Managing Senior Volunteers (Qualitative Study)

Juliusz Piwowarski, Dorota Ambroży: Aesthetic Factor as a Determinant for Local Environment Management

Petra Solárová, Tomás Kliestik: The Possibilities of the Fuzzy Logic Exploitation in Economy

Erika Spuchľáková, Juraj Cúg: The Risks in the Project Management of the Enterprise

Katarína Zvaríková: Fundamental Analysis of Stocks

Volume I.

Issue 2    December 2011 

Contributors - selected list

Daniel Buc, Stefan Cisko: Statistical Distribution as a Tool for Risk Description

Jana Jurková, Jaroslava Gburová: Marketing Pricing Strategies of Store Chain in Presov Region

Viera Kuzmisinová: Quality Assessment of Business Environment in Regions of Slovakia from Aspects of Human Potential

Andrea Andrasová, Bartolomej Hajnik, Jozef Zlocha: Analysis of Environmental Investments in Small and Medium-sized Engineering Companies

Michala Dubská: Tourist Destinations Management – Cooperative Relations in the System of Destination Management

Veronika Frnková: Opportunities and Barriers to the Taxation of Banks in the EU

Zdenka Gyurák Babeľová: Evaluation of Investments into Training Activities in Selected Organizations in Slovakia

Daniela Hrehová, Pavel Ziaran: Company in the Digital Age

Tomás Kliestik, Petra Solárová: Evaluation of the Funds Performance

Katarína Lehutová, Tomás Kliestik: Methods of Consumer Policy Evaluation in the European Union

Piotr Lewandowski: Public Participation in Making Environmental Decisions – a Real Right of Soft Law

Mária Lusková, Katarína Buganová: Approaches to Risk Management in Slovak Enterprises

Karolína Muzíková: Important Game - theoretic Models and their Practical Interpretation

Peter Nagy, Barbara Hlavnová: Cost Deployment in Manufacture Oriented Companies

Jaroslav Oberuc: To Make a Child Ecological Aware Has Become a Matter of Necessity

Erika Spuchľáková: Financial Derivatives, Option Pricing and Risk

Cezary Tomasz Szyjko: The Open Border Policy

Emília Skorecová, Alexandra Ferenczi Vanová, Iveta Kosovská: Management Information Systems Potential from the Point of View of their Creators and Users

Juraj Tej, Michaela Sirková: Period of Recession and its Reflection in the Revenue of Municipalities

Monika Tóthová: Strong Corporate Culture and its Impact on Business

Katarína Véghová, Renáta Machová: Specific Form of Corporate Financing at Hungarian Market

Katarína Zvaríková: Basic Statistical Measures Used in the Theory of Portfolio

Volume I.

Issue 1    October 2011 

Contributors - selected list

Michal Cehlár, Lorik Haxhiu, Miroslav Kelemen, Ivan Kosc, Daniela Hrehová: Economy Analysis Methodology of Investmentsfor Opening of New Lignite Mining Field

Daniela Hrehová, Pavel Ziaran: The Level of Professional Competencies of Managers in the Era of Globalization

Ceslovas Christauskas, Stanislava Stunguriené, Daniela Hrehová: The Influence of Depreciation of Long-term Assetson the Cash Flow in Investment Project

Radoslav Ivancík, Miroslav Kelemen: Defence and Security of the State in a Time of the Fundamental Changesin a Global Security Environment

Miroslav Kelemen, Martin Hromada, Pavel Necas, Michal Cehlár: Security Management Supported by Simulationof Critical Infrastructure Protection in Military-Police-Civil Environment

Zuzana Potuzáková: The Labour Market Structures – The Czech Republic vs. Former GDR

Frantisek Vlcek, Katerina Ivanova, Petr Sadilek, David Marx: Relation of External Appraisal Systems with the Quality of Medical Staff Management in Inpatient Health Care Facilities of the Czech Republic

Mária Antosová, Adriana Csikósová: Organizational Behavior in Context of Knowledge Management

Samer Khouri, Zuzana Jurkasová, Michal Cehlár: Management Tool for Effective Decision – Business Intelligence

Daniela Palascáková: Cooperation Between Business Sector and Higher Education and Science Institutions in Scientific Research in Slovakia

Lukás Pavelek: Management of Quality in Hospital Care

Mariana Racková, Darina Hlavácová: Business, Intercultural Communication, Virtual Work Team

Andrea Senová, Katarína Culková: Application of Risk Management in the Process of the Firm‘s Managing

Rozália Zidziková: The Globalization in the Labour Market