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The journal deals with the issues concerning the public prosecution and criminal law in the European states. Contributions from other branches of law are published as well.


The editorial board and the authors of the contributions are mostly public prosecutors from abroad and representatives from various universities. The contributions are accepted in English and in German.


Publishing of the Journal was discontinued in 2012.


ISSN: 2045-9246

Price: GBP 16 / 1 issue + shipping


Volume III.

Issue 1    December 2012 

Contributors - selected list

Zia Akhtar: Statutory Negligence, Duty of Care and Culpability

Jozef Centés: Legal Regulation of Fraud under Criminal Code of the Slovak Republic

Zdenek Koudelka: International Criminal Court and Criminal Liability of the President of the Republic in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia

Patrik Príbelský: Impossibie Criminal Attempts under Slovak Law – Selected Issues

Ivo Svoboda: Political Extremism and Terrorism as Destabilizing Element of InternalSecurity of the State

Miroslav Frýdek: Atrox iniuria

Karel Schelle: The Organization of Public Prosecution on Territory of the Czech Republicfrom 1939 – 1989

Volume II.

Issue 1    December 2011 

Contributors - selected list

Ivan Gašparovič: The Subordination of the Prosecutor’s Office to the Executive Power is in Conflict with the Slovak Constitution

Snežana Brkić: Discretionary Estimate as a Criterion of Delimiting the Principles of Legality and Opportunity of Criminal Prosecution

Josef Kuchta: Entwicklung des Begriffes und der Fassung der Straftat im tschechischen materiellen Strafrecht

Marek Fryšták: Does the Czech Republic Need Criminal Liability of Legal Persons?

Zdeněk Koudelka: Limitation Period and Immunity in the Czech Republic

Lucie Bendová Bednářová: Infanticide before the C. k. Regional Court in Olomouc in the Second Half of the Eighties and in the First Half of the Nineties of the 19th Century

Katarína Fedorová: Selected Aspects of the Russian Jury Courts Operation after the Judicial Reform of 1864

Štěpán Kalamár, Andrea Schelleová, Ivo Svoboda: Hate Crimes as Manifestations of Political Extremism

Karel Schelle: The Completion of the Modern Organization of Public Prosecution in Territory of the Czech Republic

Jaromír Tauchen: Einige Bemerkungen zur deutschen Strafgerichtsbarkeit im Protektorat Böhmen und Mähren

Miroslav Frýdek: Exilium, Deportatio et Relegatio

Volume I.

Issue 1    November 2010 

Contributors - selected list

Jean-Louis Nadal: Is the French Public Prosecution Service independent?

Jan Watse Fokkens: The position of the Public Prosecution Service in the Netherlands

Renata Vesecká: The independence of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and European Union

Zdeněk Koudelka: Changes in the position of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the Czech Republic

Anna Ondrejová: Sources, Structure, Creation and Resulting Binding Effect of the European Law from the Perspective of Judicial Co-operation in Criminal Matters